An Introvert’s Guide to Social Encounters Over Winter Break


Ah, life. Just when you start to get used to the things it’s throwing at you, it has to switch up on you again. I honestly feel like I have just settled into the semester, yet here it is ending within the next week. I’ve met many new people, spent many nights in watching Netflix and spent pretty much every day being bombarded with stress, but the upcoming break poses a new problem. Going back home means being reunited with community members and high school friends. Small talk is always awful, but I find it a lot more awful when I realize I haven’t talked to people I used to see all the time in forever and have to resort to small talk again. How do we, as introverts, adapt to being surrounded by old familiar faces again? To help you navigate your transition back to your old life at home over break, I’m going to break down a couple likely scenarios for you and give you a couple options. Continue reading

Before, During and After an Interview: Survival Tips for Introverts


Today, I decided to kill two birds with one stone. I happen to have an interview tomorrow for an internship opportunity I applied for, and I haven’t yet covered interview skills for introverts for my blog. I have written an article about how we as introverts in college can start preparing for entering the workforce, but most of us won’t be able to land a job without going through some sort of interview process. Talking face-to-face with people answering personal questions about your life knowing that what you say can drastically impact your future is a stressful situation, to say the least. However, even we introverts can survive an interview. More importantly, we can land ourselves a job in the process. Here are a few pieces of advice to follow that will help you make a good impression on your future employers: Continue reading

If Disney Princesses Were Hardcore Introverts


Today, I thought I’d take a break from my typical post and post a more light-hearted article about the Disney princesses from our childhood. At this point in the semester, everyone is ready for Thanksgiving and Winter Breaks, and stress is at an all-time high as we try to meet all of our deadlines before getting to enjoy said breaks. Instead of providing some motivation today, I thought I’d provide an article that can help you as you procrastinate and drown in homework. With that being said, here’s how some Disney princesses’ stories would have gone down if they were hardcore introverts like some of us: Continue reading

3 Tips for Success for Introverts About to Enter the Workforce


Being an introvert in your own cozy little bubble is all well and good until you realize college is preparing us for the workforce, and the workforce is out there in the real world. I’m not sure if all introverts wear sweatpants and binge countless hours of Netflix, like me, but I’m sure all of us have our own patterns that we stick to when we want to be away from the world. Something tells me we’ll have to stray from those patterns quite a bit once we have a job or even an internship during our college career, so how can we turn away from our established patterns of introversion and instead use our introversion to be successful in the workforce? Christina Park, in her article “Eight Ways for Introverts to Shine at Work” on, provides advice for how introverts can be successful in the workforce. There are three tips in particular that I think are especially helpful for us to realize now while we’re still in college: Continue reading

3 Things to Be Proud of as an Introvert in College


We live in a world where there is a constant need for validation—we post on Instagram or Twitter hoping to get likes and do homework and study for tests to receive good grades, validation for our hard work. This makes us act hard on ourselves. If we don’t get a lot of likes on Instagram or get a B- instead of an A for an assignment, we most likely will wonder what we’re doing wrong. Likewise, we introverts may look around at other people being social, surrounded by a large group of friends and constantly making plans, and start to think that we’re somehow doing the college experience wrong. Here is some validation from a fellow introvert, yours truly, for three things we should take the time to be proud of instead of feeling bad that we aren’t like our more social-minded classmates. Continue reading

How to Avoid Burning Out as a College Introvert


Before I knew what an introvert was, I swear I could feel the energy slowly draining from my body the more I interacted with the people around me or stayed up late doing homework. I would feel crabby, and more than anything, I just wanted time to myself. Now that I have embraced my introversion, I have realized that this is a perfectly natural way for me to feel. According to an article on, “Introvert Burnout: 3 Sneaky Signs You Have it + How to Avoid It” by Michaela Chung, “Introverted people … are susceptible to burning out. This is because most introverts are also very creative, highly sensitive, and cerebral.” A lot of things that make us introverts also make us likely to feel burned out. The problem is, how do we avoid burnout after a long day of going to and from classes, doing mountains of homework each night and being surrounded by people everywhere we turn? Here are some tips from Chung that I have catered to fit the needs of college introverts specifically.  Continue reading

3 Tips for Dating as an Introvert in College

FullSizeRender 6.jpgA rare photo of my boyfriend and I actually out in public on a real date.

Picture yourself walking along when the guy/girl of your dreams catches up to you and says, “Hey, I heard you didn’t interact with another human being for a full 24 hours this weekend? That’s so hot.” The two of you then skip joyously, hand-in-hand, back to one of your dorm rooms to watch Netflix for the rest of the night while completely ignoring the outside world. It sounds like an ideal way to start a relationship, but it’s completely unrealistic. Dating requires small talk and getting to know each other, and that can be a nightmare for introverts. Continue reading